Inspired by the cultural diversity of his native France,
Merime delivers a unique blend of French folk rock
mixed with accents of gypsy swing and jazz,
bound together with love and humour.

About Merime

With original work and European standards, Merime will bring a warmth to the stage and a jig to your toes, sharing his passion for life, song and story.

Merime delivers a unique performance with guitar, vocals, and loop pedal, connected to his own life experience and emotions. He sings in French, Spanish, English and Portuguese. His music has its roots in an extensive variety of musical styles, from gypsy-swing, to bossa-nova, and incorporating reggae, flamenco, folk-rock, funk and hip hop.

Merime with Chalouche Live @ Friends Of The Earth Fundraising (2013.09.29)
Merime with Chalouche Live @ Friends Of The Earth Fundraising (2013.09.29)
Merime Live in Fitzroy Sunday Session By Yuri (2011.11.13)
Merime Live in Fitzroy Sunday Session By Yuri (2011.11.13)
Jon & Merime Tour, Tasmanie (January 2015)


Originally from Paris, Merime now lives in Melbourne, self-managing his roles as a street musician, a wedding guitarist/singer and a guitar tutor by day, and performing in the evenings.
He has enjoyed performing with his band Chalouche at various venues of Melbourne and Festivals in Victoria and NSW, but is now focused on developing his own material. His emerging solo album,“L’Eveil”, is the result of a long musical self-exploration, in pace with his spiritual journey. 

The music I’ve been playing with Chalouche is focused on a really festive and inclusive dimension. We want people to laugh and dance.My musical approach on this first album solo “L’Eveil – The Awakening” is much more personal. It reflects the emotional, political and spiritual growth that I’ve experienced in the last 10 years of my life through travelling, meditating and seeking for alternative way of life. It talks a lot about love.

Influenced by Noir Desir, Tryo, M, Renaud, Damien Rice, Ben Harper, and many others, his upcoming album presents a mature and artistic element to Melbourne’s acoustic scene by adding percussive hooks, layered harmony and the occasional beat-boxing to formulate a set with depth and incredible energy.

“Music chose me,
not the other way around

Artist Statement

“I wasn’t born as an artist, nor was I especially encouraged by family or friends to follow this path. The first time I sat around a bonfire and sang along with someone playing guitar… it was so special to me. I felt the call. I was about 11 years old. After this time I learned slowly, through much effort and doubt, to persevere in what felt right to me.


Pursuing a musician career was an unattainable dream to me until I came to Melbourne. I started then because I had no choice. I couldn’t find a job and needed to make a living. I started my life in Melbourne as a busker. And for the first time I felt really encouraged to keep going with music. People responded really well to my music, and I fell in love with the street life. All the little kind gestures that we do for one another…  I witnessed people going through difficult times, and relating to my music as a point of light in their darkness. I experienced countless funny, joyful, inspiring anecdotes in my interaction with people. I felt that in my small way, I was contributing to make a better world.


I eventually found some community work and left music aside for a while, but I still felt the call. My emotions needed expression, people asked for my music, and more importantly, I just had to give the best of myself to the community. Music was my medium. For a long time I tried to play according to what I felt would please people – but today, I know that the best I can do is to stay sincere and authentic at every single moment. I find it really challenging, but there’s no other way. Life is about giving and music is the best I have to offer. This is what life chose for me.”

Merime Live à L'Etabli (2011.08.27)
Merime Live à L’Etabli (2011.08.27)
Merime busking in Center Place, Melbourne (2011.09.26)
Merime busking in Center Place, Melbourne (2011.09.26)
Merime busking in Melbourne Central Station, Melbourne (2015.03.20)
Merime busking in Melbourne Central Station, Melbourne (2015.03.20)

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